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Do you have or are you looking for social media management agency? Get the best from them...
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Learn how to build the Social Media for your business from skratch or improve what you already have...
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You as the business owner or one of your staff can intigrate social media managment easily into an existing daily schedule...
What People are Saying

Janice Lam, founder Lightboxgifts

Had a great consult with Rianna regarding working my business on Pinterest. I learned so much and it is paying off with orders. I highly recommend her!!

Monica Morales, founder Laluna Company

Where do I start?! Rianna is so very knowledgeable and oh my so patient! I hired her for FB Marketing and our one on one was so in-depth. She provided me the confidence to create FB ads on my own and what all my options are for effective ads. She followed up on my ad progress very timely and answered all the follow-up questions I had. I would not hesitate to refer her to a friend or family member and more importantly a stranger. If I could give more then 5 stars I would.

Agnes Birdsall, Founder of FABRIganics

Rianna is so great at explaining some complex subjects in an easy, understandable way.
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The best way to use social media is as a tool for your business. A tool that saves you time and money by amplifying your current efforts. A tool to make your job easier and help your business grow. 

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Save Time
Learn how to effectively integrate social media into your daily schedule.
Social Media Training
Save Money
Save the cost of paying extra for social media services, or get more for your money from your current agency.
Social media growth
Grow your knowledge base, your professional skills, your business reach and grow your company.
"I had the pleasure of doing a one on one training with Rianna on Facebook Ads. She was so helpful, answered all my questions and explained everything in a way I could understand. I now feel confident when running ads because I know what I am doing! I completely recommend her!!!"
Anissa E. Cosby
Owner of The Virtual Sidekick
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Which social media site do I need?
There are 5 main social media sites businesses use and several smaller ones. The main sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We can help you figure out which you need based on your target market, assists avalible, and industry standards. 
How long will it take?
Each person is different. Depending on where you are starting and how committed you are to doing the work, it averages 3-4 month, but many people stay longer for the community and updated resources. Once you sign up you are locked in at this price, even as prices eventually go up. 
I don't know what anything other then Facebook is, can I really do it myself?
Yes, many people we have worked with have never even used Facebook before and now run successful marketing campaigns on their own. Some people decide they don't want to do it themselves too. We can help train your employees or help you find management options as well. Most importantly we want to ensure you are getting exactly what your business needs.
My social media is going well, but I want to know what I can do better. Will this help? 
Yes, you can learn about other sites you were less familiar with and use 1-on-1 time for audits on your current work. We have Facebook Ads specialists as well when you are ready to take that step. 
If you have made it this far you have learned...
  • Save Time: Learn how to incorporate social media into your every day business & to support your current marketing as well. Learn only what you want to know.
  • Save Money: Hiring agencies can be expensive and paying people in house to do work is a lot. Get the most value for your dollar. 
  • Grow: Get your business growing online right away. 
  •  Done Your Way: Classes and trainings are on your time to fit in your schedule based on what you need to know. 
  •  Accountability: 1-on-1 trainings, group calls, and a private Facebook groups with assigned tasks and deadline to ensure you reach your goals. 
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